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Scientific American Worldview Scorecard Methodology

Scientific American Worldview Scorecard Methodology

This Scorecard evaluates 54 countries on their innovation potential in biotechnology through a meta-analysis. The analysis includes 27 components arranged in seven categories: Productivity, Intellectual Property (IP) Protection, Intensity, Enterprise Support, Education/Workforce, Foundations, and Policy & Stability. The table shows the components of each category and the sources of data.

For each component, countries are ranked on a scale from 0 to 10, with the lowest-ranked scored as 0 and the highest-ranked as 10. A nation’s score in a category is derived from the average of the available component scores—any gaps in the individual components were ignored in calculating the averages for each category.

The overall innovation score is a sum of the category averages, indexed to a score from 0 to 50. The normalization involved in calculating the category and overall scores considers each component and each category on equal weighting. Thus, the Scorecard gives the same importance to all components.