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Power Points

Power Points

Which places around the globe are powering the success of biotech today?

Our Scorecard pinpoints the countries, communities and financial sources that enable innovation to flourish

Location, location, location. As any real estate agent will tell you, where a piece of property lies is the key to its value. And when that property is a groundbreaking new medicine or a cutting-edge business model, where it is being developed is crucial to its success. As Scientific American Worldview enters its seventh year of tracking international trends in biotechnology innovation, we continue to refine our focus on which countries provide the best conditions for ensuring that that innovation will grow and thrive.

The 2015 Scorecard also examines the drivers of global investment. After so many years of reporting slow declines in the financial position of biotech firms around the world, data from our last Scorecard presented a clear indication of economic recovery. This year, we see even more evidence of bounce back, especially in one particular country.

As in the past, we built the Scorecard using a diverse collection of metrics—from education and political environment to intellectual property strengths and the performance of public companies. To quantify this information, we ranked each country’s achievement on a series of individual components using a scale from 0 to 10, with the lowest-ranked nation scored as 0 and the highest-ranked as 10. We then generated scores for each category—Productivity, Intellectual Property (IP) Protection, Intensity, Enterprise Support, Education/Workforce, Foundations, and Policy & Stability—by calculating the mean score of these components. (For detailed methods, see page 46.)

Our analysis of gross and relative metrics provides a rich assessment of the biotechnology sector worldwide. The results reveal a number of surprising shifts in the industry, as well as several unexpected players exceling in certain areas. As the biotech field continues to evolve, so do our methods for tracking those places around the globe where today’s innovators have the best chance of bringing tomorrow’s innovations to the fore. 

  • A Guided Tour

    Enhanced with a new guidebook and region-specific ratings, the 2016 Scorecard ventures deeper than ever to track down the latest in biotech innovation